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Minecraft 1.14 about 1 month ago

Hello there,

As you will no doubt be aware, Minecraft 1.14 has finally dropped. This is just a post to inform everyone with how I plan to proceed with this update in regards to the server.


In a change from previous updates, I have no immediate plans to upgrade to 1.14. I feel that we should focus on the continuing development of 1.13.2, and working on the bugs currently present in the server. Once 1.14 has reached a point of widespread bug fixes, and plugin updates to work with that update; we will upgrade.


When that upgrade comes around, the current Towny world will be unaffected. However, the resource world will be deleted, and replaced by a world generated in 1.14. As there are ...

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Server Development Log 3 months ago

Server Development Log

Just a little bit of an update regarding the server. I plan on keeping a new development log for the server. This was last done when we last had a server website, but was lost after we moved to a different server host. The idea of this log will be to keep everyone in the loop of all the work done behind the scenes. I hope to include work done, and by whom it was carried out by. 

Updates contained here should include plugin updates, plugin configuration, server builds, tutorials etc. 



  • -&n...

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New Website 3 months ago

Hello there, 

You probably have not heard a great deal from me or the server in a while, but I assure you, we are still here!

I have taken a little break from the server over the past couple of months, but the server has been alive and well. This shiny new website has been in the works for a while now, but it is only now that I have actually got around to finishing it off. There's stuff I still need to do, but now that I have finally announced this, I can start to move forward.

Updates to the server have been rather slow recently, but I have just completed plugin updates to bring it back into line. There is alot of server work still to do, and I hope to start working on that in the coming weeks. I have unf...

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