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When it comes to playing online in a server, the chat is an important component that is often overlooked by server owners. As a result of this, many servers have a very messy chat that is hard to follow, and quite often puts people off playing in a particular server. When it comes to Minecrafting, we have worked to provide a system that is simple and uncluttered. DeluxeChat is a powerful plugin that allows us to do just that, and as a result we have been able to format our chat in a appealing way, while providing integration with Towny. 
How it Works
DeluxeChat takes the default Towny chat, and applies it's own formatting to it. As a result of this integration, we can continue to use the channels provided by Towny, without all the excess information it includes. By default, Towny includes your town, rank, title etc. This can get messy very quickly, especially those living in town's with long names. With DeluxeChat, we have dropped that information, so you can follow the chat much easier. To quickly access information on a player, you can now hover over their name in the chat, and it will provide you with some information, including their town, and how much money they have etc. 
/message <player> {message}
Aliases: [msg, pm, tell]
Send a private message to a player.

/reply <message>
Aliases: [r]
Reply to a private message.

Aliases: [tc]
Channel used to speak to members of your own town.

Aliases: [nc]
Channel used to speak to members of your own nation.

Aliases: [g]
Default channel used by the server.

Channel reserved for administrators.

Channel reserved for moderators.

/ch list
List what channels a player is currently listening to.

/leave <channel>
Leaves a channel.

/join <channel>
Joins a channel.

/chmute <channel><player>
Mutes a player in a channel.

/chunmute <channel><player>
Unmutes a player in a channel.

/mutelist <channel>
Displays a mute list for a channel.