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by MrLogano » 4 months ago

Hello there,

As you will no doubt be aware, Minecraft 1.14 has finally dropped. This is just a post to inform everyone with how I plan to proceed with this update in regards to the server.


In a change from previous updates, I have no immediate plans to upgrade to 1.14. I feel that we should focus on the continuing development of 1.13.2, and working on the bugs currently present in the server. Once 1.14 has reached a point of widespread bug fixes, and plugin updates to work with that update; we will upgrade.


When that upgrade comes around, the current Towny world will be unaffected. However, the resource world will be deleted, and replaced by a world generated in 1.14. As there are no land claims allowed in the resource world, people should avoid building anything that they don't want to lose. 


If anyone has stuff that needs moving, I would advise you to do that ASAP, and avoid any disappointment. Remember that if you do not have your own town, you can join Server Town to make use of the residential plots there.



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