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October Update
Hi there everyone,

It has been very quiet in the server just recently, however I must assure you all that I have not disappeared.. or stopped paying the server bills for that matter haha.

Anyway, due to the limited number of people playing in the server, I have opted to make a few changes to the way the server operates. As such, I have decided that we have too many servers. People are either not playing in those servers, or been spread too thinly to the point of playing a server alone. This is not an ideal situation.

So, with that, I have opted to leave the other servers offline, and instead focus on Survival. Yes, it is true that some people may not like the server too much, and may want to have pvp; however, that will not be changed to keep a few happy.

In order to work better, I have closed the Hub, so you connect directly to the survival server. I will not force you to rejoin at the spawn each time you connect, so the spawn can instead be used for events to get everyone together.

Detailing other changes, I wish to make a few alterations to the server. While some of these may be just temporary trials, others will be permanent. Please remember that I am still open to suggestions, and those that are deemed popular among the players will be considered by the Executives for inclusion in the server.

For the latest update to the server, the following changes have been made;
- Removed CrazyAuctions
- Disabled mcMMO
- Updated plugins to latest versions
- Dumped lowres dynmap, rendering in hires (hopefully enough space with removal of creative map)

To do (in-game);
- Slim down admin shop to make a greater emphasis on using player shops. Will be slowly phased in.
- Create TP signs to each shop in the shopping district.

To do (website);
- Update FAQs to answer questions... such as rank commands etc.

More to follow soon!
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