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Bending Plugin
Either in survival, or change the vampire system in factions to bending, but could be a fun addition to either, and can enable more custom things to do in both around the idea of the elements. Along with it, could make the special bending available based on rank in survival, being the original 4 elements at starter rank, and gaining other uses of them as you rank up, Such as rank up once to access chi bending or "chiblocker", and the subelements for each as well the higher you go (Flight, Bloodbending, Combustion, Metalbending, etc.)
This sounds like it makes a lot of changes. Isn't this kinda like a PvP plugin of sorts?
It is a PvP plugin, so would think its more likely on factions, but factions already has its twist with vampire, so thought of it more as a possibility to either a new world or addition to survival
With factions, there will be no PvP in survival. I do not believe we have the resources available to add a new server for bending. So we will have to review the vampire plugin and see if bending would be a better replacement that people will actually use.

Do you have a link to the plugin?
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