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It has been a long time since the server had a proper voting setup. The absence of this system has meant the server is largely quiet, although for the creation of a new server, I was willing to wait until the server felt ready to accomodate more people.

That time is now, with the completion of our update to 1.14.2, and the mostly completed Server Town, we can now once again look at voting.

This is a list of our server listings, I will be adding more as I can update old listings, and creating new ones. I will no doubt turn this into a page for the nav bar in time, but this will do for now.

Server Websites

4 months ago

Hello there,

As you will no doubt be aware, Minecraft 1.14 has finally dropped. This is just a post to inform everyone with how I plan to proceed with this update in regards to the server.


In a change from previous updates, I have no immediate plans to upgrade to 1.14. I feel that we should focus on the continuing development of 1.13.2, and working on the bugs currently present in the server. Once 1.14 has reached a point of widespread bug fixes, and plugin updates to work with that update; we will upgrade.


When that upgrade comes around, the current Towny world will be unaffected. However, the resource world will be deleted, and replaced by a world generated in 1.14. As there are no land claims allowed in the resource world, people should avoid building anything that they don't want to lose. 


If anyone has stuff that needs moving, I would advise you to do that ASAP, and avoid any disappointment. Remember that if you do not have your own town, you can join Server Town to make use of the residential plots there.



6 months ago

Getting Started:

Joining a new server can be a pretty daunting task, and that is much worse when you are faced with a variety of unfamiliar plugins. So this guide aims to teach you the basics to get you started. 


First Joining the Server:

When you first join the server, you will spawn in Server Town, which is the default town for the server. If you don't spawn there, or wish to get back to it, you can simply use the command /spawn

Server Town is at the center of a large world that is protected by default. The only way you can build, or break blocks, is to be in a town that gives you permission to do so, or by founding your own town. However, for the purpose of collecting resources, such as mining etc; you can make use of the resource world. This world has no protections at all, so you are free to do what you like. 

6 months ago

Towny Tutorial

Towny plays an important part of the server, and understanding how the plugin works can be a daunting task. I have put together this tutorial to help you to grasp the basics, and have included all the commands you may want to use. This plugin is new to all of us, so I hope to learn as I complete this tutorial.


Towny is a new system within the server that allows you to create your own settlement within the main world. As you may have noticed, the world is protected by default, so you must create a settlement in order to claim "town blocks" from which you can build in. As opposed to Grief Prevention (golden shovel claims), Towny gives us the flexibility to use our claims the way we would like, whether that be for creating personal claims, or creating entire cities. As we better understand this new system, tweaks may be made to the configuration to better fit our requirements.


I do not wish to simply copy the commands from the Towny website, but here is a link to the command page. It contains all commands used by towny, so make sure to use that as a reference should you need help.

Towny Commands


In terms of playing in the server, it can be confusing at first. We plan to make it much easier to get started, and I will include more in-depth detail here once things are set in stone. 

7 months ago

Server Development Log

Just a little bit of an update regarding the server. I plan on keeping a new development log for the server. This was last done when we last had a server website, but was lost after we moved to a different server host. The idea of this log will be to keep everyone in the loop of all the work done behind the scenes. I hope to include work done, and by whom it was carried out by. 

Updates contained here should include plugin updates, plugin configuration, server builds, tutorials etc. 



  • ChestShop
  • - ChestShop-towny
  • + ShopChest
  • ~ Updated ShopChest configuration.



  • ~ Updated ShopChest configuration.



  • + TownyGUI
  • ~ Updated Towny configuration.



  • + React
  • + mcMMO
  • + Bank
  • + Citizens
  • ~ Updated DiscordSRV configuration.
  • ~ Updated PaperSpigot
  • ~ Updated LuckPerms
  • ~ Updated Vault
  • ~ Updated CMI
  • ~ Updated DeluxeChat


7 months ago