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A Brief History Of Minecrafting:
Last Updated: 2nd July 2017

This server was originally created way back in November 2013. A humble start to hosting a Minecraft server, it was created to allow myself (MrLogano) to play Minecraft with my sister (PipMiner) and dad (Stock_tm). It began as a local server hosted on my computer, playing vanilla Minecraft.

As I was always away with work, I eventually decided to open a new private server on Hosthorde, so we could all play whenever we wanted. Since I switched from vanilla to spigot, this also allowed me to begin learning how to code with YAML for all the plugins that were suddenly possible. I began experimenting with a number of different plugins, such as Multiverse, and Essentials. All of these made the server seem so much more interesting compared to the basics of vanilla.

Eventually, we decided it would be cool to open the server to the public, and allow people to play along with us. So I spent some time adding more plugins and creating a new world for the public to play in. With all the work we had done in private, we didn't want that to be ruined by people griefing.

Unfortunately, with the first people joining the server; it was apparent that my lack of skill in regards to plugins began to show. As a number of plugins did not work as expected, and the server permissions just did not work. Thankfully, a number of people joining the server were happy to help out, and assisted me to properly configure the permissions, and to set up a number of plugins. They also aided with creating a server spawn, and a number of other issues. Special mentions here go to bubble1015 and Akp_Master3, who stuck around the longest to help out with the server.

Eventually, I decided to remove the private section of the server. This was done due to the number of people getting into the private world, and the lack of time spent in that world. This allowed me to set up the entire server for the public, and allowed me to stop worrying about people griefing. During this time I also added a raft of new plugins aimed at making things better for others in the server. We set up a creative world, and also created a factions world; both of which were incredibly popular with players.

As the server grew, we encountered numerous issues with lag, and problems with people spawning in creative items and moving them to survival. I decided to move to a new server host, and try to set up a BungeeCord server that would help us resolve many of the problems. Unfortunately, the complexity of creating such a server proved too much. Instead I ended up renting a dedicated VPS server located in Canada (Switching from Luxemburg in the EU). This made sure that the majority of US based players got a much more stable connection to the server without sacrificing the connections of EU based players such as myself and others like alekkat. The VPS server setup meant I had to give myself a crash course in Linux coding, which took some time.

Eventually, I managed to get the new server up and running. With my expanded knowledge of server hosting, I was able to put the new server together properly, and successfully set up a number of different things in the single server. This included things such as spleef, and prophunt, among others. These again proved to be popular with those playing. Special mentions go to Inaneite for helping to manage the server, and provide a number of contributions to the server.

Once again, we began to have issues surrounding the use of a single server, and continued to suffer problems such as lag and glitches and dupes. We really needed a BungeeCord server network to resolve the majority of our problems, so I once again set out to create this. Fortunately, I eventually managed to get one up and running properly on a new server host. Once I was confident it would work, I then split the server up into separate instances that were linked via a BungeeCord server. This allowed me to create Factions, and creative, without worrying about issues with the previous servers. I continued to add new plugins for the people playing to use, and introduced things such as ranks, and PvP toggle. Everything added to the server was put to a poll for people playing to voice their opinions, and this was largely successful in working.

Yet again, I was not happy with this set up. With the multiple servers, I found myself unable to properly finish, or even maintain them. With the additional problems on the server host itself, I decided that I wanted to install a fresh server, and properly set up a MySQL database for use with server plugins. This would enable me to use a number of MySQL only plugins that I thought would go great in the server. So with this in mind, I created a new server beside the older one, and began working on it to create a full and proper server, without opening it too soon to the public to ensure it was done correctly, and everything worked. This new server is almost ready to start taking on more players, but yet a lot of work still remains. Having learnt a lot from my past experiences, I can now open a server which just works, with a proper economy driven Survival server, a fair Factions server, and a capable Creative server. All of these supported with a couple of well laid out minigames, such as PropHunt. Special mentions go to TheHolderMist, JustcallmeKat, and Forbidden69 who helped me to realise this ambition, and to help me test everything out.

2nd July 2017 Update:
Since the last update, the server has continued to develop within the stable foundation that was set up almost two years ago now. We have kept up with the latest versions of Minecraft, with the server now on 1.12. We have lost some of our plugins due to inactive plugin developers, but we always try to add new ones to make up for it. But, despite that, the server continues to grow as more new people come and go, and each server of the network is continually improved upon.

Both the Factions and Creative server were completely re-worked. I eventually took it on myself to look back at the progress of those servers, and decide that it needed changing. Our Creative server is now very much alike our survival server. You can now go off into the world, claim a piece of land and build to your heart's desire. No longer are people confined to the size of a plot! The Factions server was reset, and rebuilt from the ground up to be much better than before, by dropping the dynmap, you are once again free to hide from your enemies, and build your bases in peace. Raiding your enemy became so much harder, but yet so much more satisfying.

Server wide, we have made plenty of small fixes, with voting properly set up, and cross server chat working almost seamlessly. I am pleased to see that despite active advertising of the server, many of our players keep coming back to us, and consistently praise the way the server is run. I take great satisfaction from that, and that drives me to further build on the progress of the server to make it even better for all!

As a major recent change, the domain name of the server has changed. To better reflect the server, I bought the domain, which when used with a sub-domain to connect to the server; you will now be typing instead of Pretty clever if I say so myself, as this stops people thinking our server is called MCnow. Of course, there has been some disruption in the changeover, however it will be much better in the end.

Another key change of late is our new website. Clever as it is now hosted on top of our host. So you can use the exact same domain name in your browser to connect to our website. Same IP, different ports. Pretty convenient, although the switch from enjin has it's pro's and con's.

As the server continues in development, we now aim to keep in touch much better than ever before. With the addition of our Discord, people playing in the server can stay in touch, and help us to press ahead with new plugin additions, and assist us with problems. The executives now have a direct line to communicate with each other, so problems can be dealt with much faster.

What Makes Minecrafting Different:
As a server owner, I pride myself on the fact that this server does not charge you to play. Unlike most other servers, all extra permissions and plugins are available to all by simply playing in the server. We offer a large number of features right off the bat, such as land claiming, and access to a variety of plugins that many other servers would never dream of giving to new players. Many more perks are given to those who reach our prestige levels, which give them new abilities, and access to new kits. All of which is earned with in-server currency. This server does not sell OP packs for stupid sums of real world money. We want you to play for fun, in a balanced and friendly server. We listen to the opinions of our players, and actively try to improve the server in any way possible.

As an additional note, I run this server out of my own pocket as a hobby. I work away from home a lot, and this server allows me to pass the time on an evening while I am in a hotel. I don't expect to make money on this server, and do not plan to close it down. I aim to create a server that is much fairer and more balanced than most other servers, and to create a friendly environment within by allowing people to speak their minds without the presence of oppressive admin staff.

MrLogano : Owner

Donations to the Server:
Due to a number of requests I have received in regards to donations, I can take them through paypal. As many will be aware, I personally pay for the costs of the server as I run the server as a hobby, and refuse to adopt the 'Pay to Win' structure most other servers use. To submit a donation, please send it through paypal to my email address All donations are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous: $50
Forbidden69: $5

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